Fun with Number$


80% of the time, Craig has Fun with Number$. This week, Craig is breaking down numbers related to the Arizona housing market, the Arizona mortgage market, and some baseball stuff, for fun.  1.)  TRENDING HIGHER:  The median home price in Maricopa County, March 2018, is $254,600.  (Source:  Biz Journal) 2.)  APPREHENSIVE:  Only 37% of American… [Read More]

Arizona Mortgage Technology

The world of mortgage technology continues to improve and we are happy to introduce the extremely efficient BLINK Arizona mortgage application process.  With our clients and loan experts in mind, the BLINK mortgage application makes the process fast and easy.   BLINK, which stands for “Borrower Link” is a consumer-facing Web application enabling borrowers to combine the… [Read More]

Local Mortgage Broker

7 benefits of working with a local mortgage broker and Arizona Mortgage Advantage: Locally owned and operated with over 20 years Arizona mortgage experience. Lower rates.  We consistently execute loans at rates below National Average.  Lower fees.  We do not charge loan application fees, we do not charge processing fees, we do not charge for… [Read More]

Rising interest rates and home buyers.

Many prospective home buyers and Realtors are concerned with rising interest rates and what it means for the upcoming Spring home buying season in Arizona.   They are concerned with rising interest rates and question if they missed their window of opportunity in Arizona with the low interest rate environment to buy a home. 30 year… [Read More]

Fed Interest Rate Increase and You


How does today’s Fed interest rate increase impact you?  If you are saver it means you may actually make a few pennies more on your bank savings account.  However, since we are an Arizona mortgage company, let’s take a look how the 1/4% Fed rate increase impacts future mortgage rates and other expenses. Mortgages: As… [Read More]

Arizona Mortgage Advantage Contest

Arizona Mortgage Advantage is running a simple contest on Social Media.  Like our Facebook Page and YOU are entered to win. It’s simple and fast, like our mortgage process! Want a free Property Report of Your Home?  Click HERE and I’ll provide a free 9 page detailed report within 24 hours.   Official Arizona Mortgage Advantage… [Read More]

Arizona Jumbo Mortgage


Arizona Mortgage Advantage, LLC will offer the Arizona Jumbo Mortgage Advantage program immediately throughout the State of Arizona.  This program is a conventional high-balance loan offered in all Arizona counties through the United Wholesale Mortgage relationship, providing access to a more cost-effective loan product in areas that previously lacked high-balance loans.  High-balance loans will be… [Read More]

Arizona First Time Homebuyer

Are you an Arizona First Time Homebuyer?  It does not need to be an intimidating process.  The process can be as simple as 1-2-3. Let ‘s walk through the basic steps to help you find your first home! 1.)  Talk to a professional local mortgage broker in Arizona to get Pre-Qualified.  2.)  Meet with a local Realtor and identify… [Read More]

Mortgage rates are rising


Mortgage rates are rising in Phoenix, Arizona and across the nation to begin 2018.  How does this impact borrowers considering buying a refinancing in the near term? First, let’s look at why mortgage rates are rising so rapidly to begin 2018. Unfavorable mortgage rate news has come on the back of favorable economic strength news,… [Read More]